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     Creating a Web site involves more than just designing pretty web pages. Fancy tricks and show off technology won't cover up poor web content or give your visitors what they want. How do you even know what kind of site to build? What do you do first? How about targeting your market? Who buys your products/services? Research - don't guess.

Content should be the main thrust of your website. Plan, plan and replan it. Successful websites don't give you just the brochure. They give you the brochure, the sales letter, FAQS, tips on usage, letters from satisfied customers and everything else the web designer can think up. And make sure you give visitors a reason to return to your website. Update it frequently.

One of the early website pioneers on the Internet, NetTrends has provided results-oriented web site design and search engine optimization since 1995 for clients in seventeen states and three countries. We've learned a lot over the years, but our goal remains the same . . . to provide our customers with professional web sites that are easy to navigate and include targeted marketing and web site optimization efforts resulting in high SEO placement on the search engines.

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Help yourself to our Web Site planner and Ideas section on website design. And read a few of Sandi's Oklahoma City Metro Journal articles for a quick understanding of how to market yourself on the Internet. Then when you're ready for a website of your own, give us a call or send us an email.

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